Russell Mocc

Womens Min Short Thula Thula



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The Thula Thula “PH” is a serious big game hunting boot... specifically designed for cat-quiet final approach for Big Five dangerous game hunters. (Thula Thula means “Quietly... Quietly in Zulu). The Thula Thula by design, is superbly quiet and provides excellent feedback from the ground for delicate stalks. Built on the famous Munson Army Last, the 26 bones in the foot plus the muscles, joints and tendons can move naturally... providing more room for the toes to move which improves balanace. Under foot S A 6.5 oz.bull hide vamp, a tough 10 oz. bull hide leather molded outer sole AND a 10 oz. bullhide slip sole between the molded sole and the vamp, plus a layer of Turtleskin ThornArmor® to prevent thorn penetration. In total there are 26.5 ounces of leather under foot. The end result is a soft walking boot that protects the foot from bruises and thorns while being superbly quiet. Equipped with a cushion collar top, back pull straps and quick lacing studs.