Beretta 486 Marc Newson 20ga

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The 486 by Marc Newson is a respectful re-interpretation of the traditional side by side with an innovative technological solution: the wood-bridge. Thanks to this original design, the safety catch is no longer a remote mechanism on the end of the receiver, but is now seamlessly set into the high-grade walnut, almost like a bridge, creating a beautiful element of distinction.

The time honoured concept of the “rounded action” is perfectly expressed in the edgeless receiver, while the statement top lever has a unique identity created by its bold design.

The engraving, made through a special high-technology laser, is homage to Asia: the homeland of the world's most traditional game bird, the pheasant.

The 486 by Marc Newson embodies the essential characteristics of a luxury Beretta shotgun: the constant pursuit of innovation combined with five hundred years of manufacturing excellence.

“To be asked to design for Beretta, one of the oldest companies in the world with its roots in the Italian Renaissance was a great honour. One of the things I like most about my job as a designer is the opportunity I get to immerse myself in different industries and acquire knowledge about their manufacturing processes, materials and technologies. I am interested in the way things work – it’s a technical obsession. The main focus for my design of the 486 was to simplify and rationalise all the surfaces. Specifically streamlining the area of the action. During the manufacture of my design in the Beretta workshops I got to observe the fascinating mix of traditional skills employed by Beretta's craftsmen in conjunction with the most impressive state-of-the-art engineering processes including the use of intricate x-ray equipment, sophisticated laser technology and robotics. With these standards of ingenuity I believe that my vision to create an innovative and modern design while respecting the DNA of the product typology has been spectacularly achieved.”

Firearms Maker Beretta
Model 486 Parallelo Marc Newson
Gauge/Caliber 20 Gauge
Barrel Length 28"
Chokes Interchangable
LOP 14-1/2"
DOH 2-1/2"
DOC 1-1/4"
Cast Neutral
Trigger Single
Rib Style Solid
Style Side by Side
Weight 6.6