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A Boss is beauty. Side-by-side and over-under by this maker can be stunning, and the nicest Bosses are some of the finest shotguns ever built in London, the UK, and the world. The pair of Boss & Co. SxSs you see here is near this top - especially for modern guns. They're .410s, and they were made in 2002/2003. Notice how Boss put a nice black on the triggerguard, toplever, and forend iron… That's the classic British way to finish these parts. The nitre-blue finish on the safety, the toplever pin, the hinge-pin cap, the pin at the front of the triggerplate, and the one securing the metalwork in the forend. Some of these details are signature elements of Boss's house style. Again, not every British maker does that anymore. Scaling a sidelock down to a .410 is hard to do. Some parts - like mainsprings and the ejector work can only get so small before they fail to work. Others parts have to be a certain size to be functional. BOSS & Co. BEST PAIR SXS 410 SHOTGUNS: PROOFED 2003 THESE ARE THE SMALLEST FRAME GUNS BOSS EVER MADE AND STATED WILL NEVER DO AGAIN BOTH ARE IDENTICAL 28? SELF OPENER FULL AND FULL 3" CHAMBERS SINGLE TRIGGER EJECTORS SPLINTER FOREARM ENGLISH GRIP CHECKERED BUTT NEW UNFIRED IN MAKERS OAK AND LEATHER CASE. Price is per gun.
Firearms Maker Boss and Co
Model Best
Gauge/Caliber 410
Barrel Length 28"
LOP 15-1/8"
DOH 2"
DOC 1-1/2"
Cast 1/8" Off
Trigger Single
Rib Style Solid
Style Side by Side
Weight 5.3