Fab Arms XLR5 Syren 12ga

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Syren’s mission is to create firearms that exceed the expectations of the modern huntress. Our objective for the waterfowl project was to create a shotgun that performs unlike anything currently available. First and foremost it has to fit properly. We utilized our expertise in women’s stock dimensions to create a stock that fits better than any standard men’s or youth model. To make the gun easy to carry and balance properly we reduced the weight to a light 7 lb. 1oz* allowing for a smooth mount and easy handling in the duck blind or boat. To address recoil, the XLR5 utilizes a stock designed to fit the female anatomy and recoil reducing gas operating system to take the punishment out of modern high performance waterfowl ammunition. The XLR5 Pulse Piston™ gas operating system accomplishes recoil reduction by bleeding off pressure as the gun cycles. The Syren Waterfowler has been carefully engineered to provide the huntress with the ideal shotgun for those hunting memories of a lifetime.
Firearms Maker Fabarm
Model Syren XLR 5
Gauge/Caliber 12 Gauge
Barrel Length 27-1/2"
Chokes Interchangeable
LOP 14-5/8"
DOH 2-1/2"
DOC 1-1/2"
Cast Neutral
Trigger Single
Rib Style Vented
Style Semi-Auto
Weight 13