Perrazi MX20 Over/Under 28

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Known more for its competition models, this 28 excels in the field. Lithe and striking, Perazzi’s MX28B over/under wasn’t even out of the box yet and I was struck by the number of descriptive adjectives I could come up with.

Built on a tiny 28-gauge frame, this is a light little thing (6.8 pounds) but when I shot it the first time on clay targets I was pleasantly surprised by the relatively light recoil. There are lighter small-bore over/unders around—even 12-gauges—but this shotgun is just about the weight of some old 12-gauge Purdey side-by-sides.

Balance is about ½-inch in front of the hinge, so it’s a little forward weight—not at all bad when a woodcock tops the alders. Generally, a bit of front heaviness results in quicker movement on a fast-escaping bird.

The barrels are 29½-inches, and the top rib is not tapered—7mm breach to muzzle—with a metal bead at the front. There are full non-vented side ribs in front of the fore-end, separated barrels under the fore-end.
Firearms Maker Perazzi
Model MX20
Gauge/Caliber 28 Gauge
Style Over / Under
Weight 6