Sauer S303 Elegance WG8

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J.P. Sauer and Sohn


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True to ist name, the S 303 Elegance represents all the virtues of classical gun design. No matter where you go with your Elegance, it is a clear statement that you hunt with style. It may be called the Black Magic Trigger but getting a prewiously unheard-of-trigger pull of only 950 g (2.1 lb) in a semiauto is not actually magic.It is the result of inteliigent engineering and uncompromising manufacturing quality. The Black Magic Trigger is optionally available for all other Sauer 303 models from serial number R0080000. The sighting can be selected fully according to the individual conceptions: Leaf rear sight completely in black or forest sight with yellow triangular rear sight and red LED sight or battue rail and red LED sight. All can be adjusted and, thus, perfectly direct the eye to the target.
Firearms Maker J.P. Sauer and Sohn
Model S303
Gauge/Caliber 308
Barrel Length 21"
LOP 14-3/4"
Trigger Single
Style Semi-Auto
Weight 7.11