Sauer S404 Custom Pronghorn W9

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The 404 combines precision accuracy with aesthetically pleasing detail to give the customer the absolute perfect rifle. The 404 has a take down tool in the front of the gun that allows you to take the gun apart in a matter of seconds. Sauer 404 model offers a wide selection of calibers, Ranging from a 243 to a 404 Jeffery. Keep in mind that you will have to change the bolt head and the magazine if you go from a standard to a magnum caliber. The idea behind this design is that you could have multiple guns in one. If that was not enough, the same take down tool allows you to change the trigger weight from .7 pounds of pressure being the lightest to 2.7 pounds of pressure being the heaviest. Another key feature within this model is its ability to interchange stocks and forends. Sauers vercitile creation allows the average hunter to become the above average hunter.
Firearms Maker J.P. Sauer and Sohn
Model S404
Gauge/Caliber 30-06
Barrel Length 22"
LOP 14-1/4"
Trigger Single
Style Bolt
Weight 12