Leica APO Televid Angled 65W Travel

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The high performance spotting scopes for professionals. Leica sets another new milestone in spotting scopes with the Leica APO-Televid series. In addition to their spohisticated optics, both the APO-Televid 82 and the APO-Televid 65 impress with their robustly engineered construction and their attractive, exceptionally compact design. They offer a wide field of view and deliver an image characterized by superior colour fidelity, pin-sharp detail resolution and maximum contrast. The Leica APO spotting scopes are protected by an optically neutral front filter. The Leica dual-focus system with micro-focusing enables particularly rapid and simultaneously precise focusing. Simply ideal for intensifying the experience of viewing the world of nature from near or far. Leica's APO-Televid 62 delivers images with excellent colour fidelity, sharpness and contrast, particularly during daytime viewing. This spotting scope is especially handy and portable, however it offers the shortest close focusing limit in its class (only 9.5 feet). Any shocks and impacts are effectively absorbed by its magnesium-alloy chassis and rubber armouring.

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