We believe that you do not own a fine gun. Instead, you are looking after it for future generations. In order to ensure that your gun becomes an heirloom, we employ a team of dedicated professionals whose talent and skill is unrivalled.


For more information on what we can do to look after what means most, please call us at 713-333-3474 or stop by our store.






Gunsmithing Basic Services

Light clean and oil: $130.00

Clean & oil- side lock: $450.00

Clean & oil- box lock: $330.00

Clean & oil- semi auto/rifle: $175.00

Ink & varnish- side lock: $450.00

Ink & varnish- box lock: $400.00

Ink & varnish full clean- side lock: $800.00

Ink & varnish full clean- side lock: $630.00

Recoil pad install: $125.00 + pad

Recoil pad, leather cover: $700.00

Recoil pad- extra round install: $175.00 + pad

ISIS recoil system install: $750.00

Action blueprinting: $500.00

Pillar bedding: $400.00

Skim bedding: $200.00

Stock bend: $345.00

Shotgun stock bed job: $400.00

Scope mounting: $130.00

Test fire: $90/hr + ammo

Labour hour: $$90/hr

In house engraving: $90/hr

Rush fee: $500.00


We are Hiring!

If you love working on and repairing fine guns, are incredibly talented and attentive to detail, the  Gunsmithing Department at Gordy and Sons Outfitters in Houston, Texas, might be the workplace for  you.

Job Description:

  • Firearm repair - diagnosing, servicing, modifying and making custom parts for various firearms  

  • Stock work - oil finishing, checkering, bedding, and recoil pad installation

  • Administration - keeping detailed and up-to-date work and inventory logs, invoices and work  receipts, and FFL compliance procedures.  

Negotiated salary is based on experience. Benefits include health, dental, and life insurance, plus a  designated retirement savings plan.  

Must be able to travel domestically and internationally on occasion to manufacturer facilities.

Please send a resume and a few photos of your best work to: