We believe that you do not own a fine gun. Instead, you are looking after it for future generations. In order to ensure that your gun becomes an heirloom, we employ a team of dedicated professionals whose talent and skill is unrivalled.

For more information on what we can do to look after what means most, please call us at 713-333-3474 or stop by our store.






Gunsmithing Basic Services

Light clean and oil: $130.00

Clean & oil- side lock: $450.00

Clean & oil- box lock: $330.00

Clean & oil- semi auto/rifle: $175.00

Ink & varnish- side lock: $450.00

Ink & varnish- box lock: $400.00

Ink & varnish full clean- side lock: $800.00

Ink & varnish full clean- side lock: $630.00

Recoil pad install: $125.00 + pad

Recoil pad, leather cover: $700.00

Recoil pad- extra round install: $175.00 + pad

ISIS recoil system install: $750.00

Action blueprinting: $500.00

Pillar bedding: $400.00

Skim bedding: $200.00

Stock bend: $345.00

Shotgun stock bed job: $400.00

Scope mounting: $130.00

Test fire: $90/hr + ammo

Labour hour: $$90/hr

In house engraving: $90/hr

Rush fee: $500.00