We are looking forward to the 3rd annual Galveston Classic Fly Fishing Tournament.  This year’s tournament will be held on Saturday, July 13, out of Waterman’s Marina in Galveston and we have 30 2-man teams signed up to participate.

The Galveston Classic is a ‘catch, photo and release’ tourney.  Teams will submit the total combined inches of their two largest reds. There will also be optional sidepots for largest redfish, largest sheepshead and most spots on a single redfish.

The captain’s meeting will be at Gordy & Sons on the evening of Friday, July 12. There will be food and drinks, we will go over the tournament rules, and teams will receive their captain’s bags. Hopefully everyone can make it, but at least one member from each team must be present.

We’ve got another batch of great prizes for the winners, and the captain’s bags are awesome. The last two tournaments have been an absolute blast, so sign up early and mark your calendars. Good luck!