Gordy & Sons is funding the first year of the Texan tagging initiative to harvest local data from the tarpon migration that spans the western Gulf of Mexico and as far north as the Chesapeake Bay area.
BTT Tarpon Acoustic Tagging Project, launched in March 2016 with generous sponsorship from Maverick Boat Group, is a 5-year regional project to determine the level of connectivity across regions of the Southeastern United States and Gulf of Mexico, identify movement strategies of tarpon across life stages, and determine the proportion of population considered “homebodies” or “movers."
BTT Texas Tarpon Acoustic Tagging Project, sponsored by Gordy & Sons Outfitters, will expand the overall initiative to include the Texas coastline, which is currently focused from South Carolina through the Florida Panhandle. “It’s essential that BTT determines the amount of connectivity on this broad scale so that we know the spatial scale at which management needs to occur, and the extent that tarpon behavior is similar throughout their geographic range,” explains Dr. Aaron Adams, BTT Director of Science & Conservation. 
“Our proud heritage as native Texans paired with a deeply rooted passion for conservation efforts has inspired our family to fund this project,” explains Garrett Gordy, co-founder of Gordy & Sons. “We hope that the sponsorship will teach us how to increase and sustain the tarpon population, harvesting valuable missing data and ultimately help BTT keep protecting our natural environment and ensuring the future of the tarpon. The tarpon species is my favorite to fish for, and the first one I ever caught was off the Texas coast. Needless to say, it is a hugely important cause for me.” 
"Gordy & Sons Outfitters are known for their great commitment to conservation," said BTT President and CEO Jim McDuffie. "We are honored that they have chosen to partner with BTT and generously sponsor our inaugural year of tarpon research in the great State of Texas. Together we will take steps to improve our tarpon fishery today and for generations to come, and we thank them for making this important work part of their legacy.”

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For more information, visit www.bonefishtarpontrust.org