Cyril Adams has graced the pigeon rings of the US and Europe for several decades and has won world championships as a pigeon and Helice shooter. Now in his eighties, Cyril is still shooting trap and the cup which bears his name is in its nineteenth year of competition.

The rules of the competition which took place on May 4, at American Shooting Centers in Houston, are simple: it must be shot with a side-by-side shotgun, preferably English. Each competitor shoots 42 modified Skeet targets, 25 Ball Trap targets, 50 Five-Stand targets, 10 Helice targets and 10 Bogardus ‘Glass’ Ball targets.

The winner of each event receives an Adams Cup belt buckle and is determined by high score and shoot offs. The overall Adams Cup winner (HOA) is calculated by a total of scores from each event; all top scores receive one point, second place two points, third place three points and so on. The competitor with the lowest score wins the Adams Cup trophy.

Winning overall with a margin of only one point was Texan, Cory Kruse. Cory, who came first in the Helice event with a perfect score, was the US Open Champion in 2018 and has numerous wins to his credit since winning the 2003 FITASC Junior Championship. He won the Adams Cup shooting a borrowed Charles Lancaster ‘Wrist-breaker’. Of course, following his win, he just had to buy it!

The 2019 Adams Cup was sponsored by Gordy & Sons, Outfitter. Mike Burnett, their retail manager, explained: “At Gordy & Sons we have one of the largest collections of best English guns in the US, so it made perfect sense to be involved in this event.”

Bob Mills, travelled from California to compete. After winning the Five Stand event, he said: “It was a wonderful day — a fun and well- presented shoot with terrific people in a lovely setting; and I got to meet and visit with the great man himself. The unexpected buckle was frosting on a delicious cake.”


Modified Skeet – Mike Osowski 41 out of 42

Ball Trap – Sam Shiller 21 out of 25

5-Stand - Robert Mills 46 out of 50

Helice – Cory Kruse 10 out of 10

Borgardus - ‘Glass’ Balls Sam Shiller 10 out of 10

Highest overall - Cory Kruse 10