Gordy & Sons is equipped with a top-level range of products, an expert team to advise our clients and a network of unrivaled travel services to get you where you want to go. Our partners include The High Adventure Company, who want you to enjoy your passion while they take care of the details. For more than 25 years they have built and developed lodges on three continents, currently owning and managing some of the finest sporting properties in the world.

Gordy & Sons is also excited to partner with Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, sending anglers on trips around the globe. Gordy & Sons also offers hosted fly fishing trips through Yellow Dog in which anglers can join a group with an experienced host who knows the area. You’ll have full access to the travel expertise that’s sent thousands of anglers on successful trips around the world. That means we can focus on what we do well – outfitting you with the right gear for your next adventure.

Our Guides Extraordinaire
  • Wyatt Beauchamp
    Wyatt Beauchamp Gun Sales Associate
  • Lester Lehman
    Lester Lehman Fly Fishing Sales and Casting Instructor
  • Don Drake
    Don Drake Stock Room Organizer
  • Jo-E Morrison
    Jo-E Morrison Gunsmithing Manager
  • Dustin Morris
    Dustin Morris Gun Sales Associate
  • Jeff Rogers
    Jeff Rogers Gunsmith
  • I have a strong family hunting heritage, and my experiences have meant that I have the inside understanding to help our clients get the most from their hunting trips.

  • My favorite part of the job is getting customers properly outfitted in an unbiased and honest way with the gear that they need.

  • I can help fulfil someone’s expectations in the woods and water. I love that I am involved in that journey, and then hearing their feedback: this always makes my day.

  • The experience and camaraderie I get to share in when hunting are the real trophies

  • I have experience across all different types of guns to help best serve our customers.

  • I will always cherish the memories I have of hunting and fishing with my dad.