The finest wingshooting travel to Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge, South Dakota from Gordy & Sons and High Adventure Company

Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge, South Dakota

As the prairie grasses crunch beneath your boots and the crisp, morning air meets your face, it is exhilarating to know you’re experiencing South Dakota pheasant hunting at its finest. Among these meadows, cornfields, river bluffs, creek bottoms and rolling hillsides, you’ll find North America’s largest population of Chinese ring-necked pheasant.


Sought after for its phenomenal upland bird hunting, extended season and diverse habitat, Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge is the first sporting venue to ever receive a Beretta Trident. The family-owned lodge provides a setting for field sports that makes pheasant hunting in South Dakota especially rewarding. This trip is provided by High Adventure Company

Cheyenne Ridge is open mid-September through mid-December. We recommend that you take advantage of the September through December season to avoid the bitter cold and snow that South Dakota is famous for in January and February.

Your pheasant hunting experience starts the moment you gather your guns and gear from your private locker and head out on that first morning hunt. All staff are professional and attentive – more than eager to share their knowledge that comes with vast years of experience in this rich land. Accompanied by the equally experienced and energized canine corps, they ensure that your days afield will be fun and that each guest will have the tools to bring back a catch. Unlimited ammunition, Beretta shotguns – in case you forget yours – and a sky filled with pheasants make it a ‘hunt of a lifetime”.

When considering South Dakota hunting lodges, hunters prefer Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge for numerous reasons, including its 33 guest rooms and suites. Comfortably appointed, each is designed for single occupancy and has a private bath.

Hunters can fly into Pierre Regional Airport, South Dakota, via connections through Denver. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by lodge staff and transported to the lodge  20 minutes away. Other regional airports include Sioux Falls, which is a three-hour drive to our venue.

We look forward to the opportunity to host you. Please enter your contact details and we will be in touch with more information shortly.

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