Nov 6: Sitka Day w/ John Barklow & Jim Saubier

Nov 6: Sitka Day w/ John Barklow & Jim Saubier

Posted by Baron on Oct 27th 2021

John Barklow, product manager for the SITKA Big Game lineup, and Jim Saubier, product manager for the Waterfowl systems, will be in store Nov. 6 to talk all things hunting.

We’re also giving away a guided duck hunt for 2 at Oyster Bayou, as well as $500 in Sitka Gear! Barklow will discuss Big Game systems at 11am, and Saubier will go over the Waterfowl lineup at 2pm. We’ll pick the $500 gear winner after Barklow’s talk, and then the guided duck hunt winner after Saubier’s. You must be present to win giveaways.

John Barklow is a veteran of the US Navy and a well-respected survivalist known for his training of SEALs in the Arctic. Barklow is an avid hunter and outdoorsman, and uses his past experiences to design some of the most technical and innovative hunting gear ever conceived.

Jim Saubier is a lifelong hunter with a penchant for all things waterfowl. Prior to becoming lead product manager and designer for Sitka’s Waterfowl line, Jim was an account manager with Gore. His experience in the duck hunting world and familiarity with Gore-Tex materials and capabilities have allowed Sitka to expand their waterfowl line to the forefront of the market.

They'll discuss how Sitka designs specific systems for each pursuit, proper layering strategies, the ins-and-outs of Sitka products, and much more. They'll also be answering any questions regarding product design, past hunting experiences, or any other queries you may have.