Mako Reels at Gordy & Sons

Mako Reels at Gordy & Sons

Posted by Baron on Oct 19th 2021

Date: 6.1.21

Location: Houston, TX
Gordy & Sons is proud to announce a partnership with Mako Reels as their exclusive dealer in Texas.  Mako Reels was founded by Jack Charlton, an aerospace engineer who utilized his engineering talents to design a state of the art fly fishing reel with a completely sealed drag, thus changing the fly fishing industry forever.

Mako has grown the legacy that Jack started by continuing to innovate and develop new reel technologies that pave the way for anglers in search of the best gear.  Carbon fiber based drags stand up to the rigors of harsh salt water environments all over the world and will perform time after time against the meanest fish in the sea.

Aside from being the exclusive dealer in Texas, Gordy & Sons is also the largest Mako dealer in the United States.  We usually have 15-20 Mako reels on hand at any given time in various sizes and colors.  

If you're not familiar with Mako, stop by our Houston location to check them out for yourself.  Or, if you're located elsewhere, call our knowledgeable staff at (713) 333-3474 to get the rundown on the last big game reel you'll ever need.