Negrini OU/SxS/Auto/Pump Unicase Travel Shotgun Case 16406PLX-UNI

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Based on the popular 16405 Uplander Shotgun case by Negrini of Italy. The all-new 16406PL UNICASE is the next generation of the one-size-fits-all shotgun case. The sleek design of the new UNICASE Travel shotgun case will appeal to many shotgun shooters. The weight of the new UNICASE tips the scales at 8.40lbs. Lighter and now more compact, the new UNICASE features the Patented Quick Detach Sling for easy hands-free use with a new interior layout. The new interior stores the stock on the left side of the case which enables Autoloader bolts to face up. The new case fits all shotgun types from O/U, SxS, Autoloader and Pump shotguns. Install the ABS choke box and the case will fit over-under and side-by-side shotguns. The top side of the case fits barrels up to 36? with smaller compartments for accessories and sling storage. The UNICASE with the PLX trim is hand finished with Italian leather cover and a hand upholstered luxury interior, leather-trimmed walls. Manufactured with a rigid double wall ABS technology, the UNICASE opens 180° for easy access and is secured with three TSA accepted steel combination locks for security. The NEW compact and ultralight UNICASE shotgun case are suitable for lightweight air travel or car, club and home storage.


  • Weight 5.0