August 17th: Fly Tying at Cuchara Restaurant

August 17th: Fly Tying at Cuchara Restaurant

Posted by B. Boyette on Jul 26th 2023

Put your party hat on and get ready for August's Fly Tying Social at Cuchara Restaurant!

We haven't done an off-site tying night in quite a spell, so what better way to kick it back off than at our favorite local joint, Cuchara.

Cuchara is one of the best kept secrets in Houston. Authentic Mexico City dishes prepared by a bunch of madres and abuelas from MX. How can you beat that?  They also have some of the best drinks in town.

Bring your vise and materials and spend the evening whipping up some bugs and chomping on some good grub.  We'll provide everyone with one free drink ticket and grab some appetizers for the table as well.

Everyone is free to tie whatever they'd like.  If you're new to tying, feel free to attend and meet some great people who are crazy about fly fishing.  This won't be an instructional or how-to class, but we can get you signed up for a free intro class while you're there!

Mark your calendars and meet us over at Cuchara Restaurant from 6-8pm on Thursday, August 17th.

When: 6-8pm, Thurs, Aug 17

Where: Cuchara, 214 Fairview Ave, Houston

What: Fly Tying Night