Fathers Day Gift Guide 2024

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2024

Posted by B. Boyette on Jun 13th 2024

Dad's Day is right around the corner.  We've compiled a list of our favorite Father's Day gifts for 2024. Check it out below:

1. Poncho Shirts


The Texas-based company has exploded in the past 2 years.  These shirts are sure to make Dad happy with both slim and relaxed fits available.  From western pearl snaps to traditional buttons, both short sleeve and long, there's a Poncho shirt for every guy. 

Shop Poncho Shirts.

2. Fenix Tactical Lights


What Dad doesn't love a good flashlight? Emphasis on 'good' is important! We've all been gifted the cheap dollar store lights that just go in the garage junk drawer.  Get him something he'll be excited about. Go with a Fenix light.  From handhelds to headmounts and everything in between, Fenix has you covered.  We love the TK16 and the T6 Penlight.

Check out the full lineup for Fenix here.

3. Chama Vaquero Chair


Dads need to be comfy. Chama specializes in comfy, but does it in style.  The Vaquero chairs are a safari style camp chair that is perfect at the deer camp or at baseball practice. They breakdown into an easy-to-carry canvas bag with a shoulder strap.

Available in 3 colors, the Vaqueros make a perfect dad gift.

4. Fly-Fishing For Redfish by Chico Fernandez


Fly Fishing for Redfish by Chico Fernandezshould be on the shelf of any fly angler on the Gulf Coast. It's an interesting read, and it's chock-full of info on how to rig, pursue and catch redfish on a fly rod.  There is also quite a bit of fascinating scientific info on the growth rates and differences in growth between gulf redfish and Atlantic redfish.

At $49.95 this one is a must have.

5. 4WD Coffee


Nothing says “I’m a Rad Dad” more than a cup of joe and a well-worn set of Crocs. While we can’t fix his love of ridiculous footwear, we can help elevate his coffee game. Our buddies over at 4WD Coffee do it right. They’re a Houston-based company with 5 brews and we’ve been over-caffeinated and loving it since we met them! Available in both ground 12oz bags and K-Cups. Our favorites are Caprock Mesa and Lajitas Oasis.

6. Walker's Disrupter Electronic Ear Buds


If he's a shooter, he needs good hearing protection. Let's face it, he's not getting any younger, and those ears aren't working quite as well as they used to. Selective hearing? He would never...

The Disrupters from Walker's are our favorites.  They are Bluetooth and charge via the case (think like AirPods).  The Disrupters are perfect for hunting, shooting at the range, or even in the deer blind.  You can adjust the volume to amplify or reduce ambient noise.  Regardless, they will still automatically filter out any damaging noises above a certain decibel level.

Spoil him a little with a new set of protective ear buds.

7. Skwala Carbon Rain Gear


Want to surprise him with an awesome piece of gear? Grab him a set of Carbon Rain Gear for his gear bag. From the boat to the golf course, the Carbon system checks all the important boxes: lightweight, extremely breathable and it packs easily in a bag or compartment. 

Skwala is quickly becoming one of our best brands, and rightfully so. No frills, this gear is about keeping you dry and comfortable. The Carbon Pant is new this year and is our go-to piece. It's perfect for our hot, muggy environment. Grab the Carbon Jacket or pants, or really knock it out of the park and get him both!

8. Fly Rod & Reel


Has he been reallllly good this year? Stop in and let our experienced staff recommend the perfect rod and reel combination for his favorite fishery. We can customize a setup for whatever price point you’re striving for, and we also carry pre-assembled combination kits that include rod, reel, flyline and a leader, all ready to go in a 4 piece rod tube.

9. Beretta A400 28ga


The A400 from Beretta is as good as they can make them. The gas operated system means it cycles just about any load and absorbs more recoil than the competitors utilizing an inertia system. This is a perfect dove or quail gun, and he probably doesn't have a 28ga in his lineup.  They are available in both synthetic camos and traditional wood stocks.

10. Turtle Box Audio


There is not a better Bluetooth speaker on the market today.  At least not if you want it to be waterproof, shockproof and dustproof.  Also, the Turtlebox Gen 2 speakers will pair together to provide true stereo audio.  Most modern speakers will pair, but they just pump mono channels, which sounds like trash at high volumes.  Pair 2 of these together at a tailgate or pool party and you'll be the champion of all dads.

Shop Turtlebox Gen 2 Speakers here.

BONUS – Gordy & Sons Gift Card


Here’s a bonus option for you, and we’re just going to be honest. GUYS LOVE GIFT CARDS! Why? We can just go buy what we want. Everyone appreciates a well-researched gift from a loved one; if you know your guy, then you may know exactly what his style is. But, we also hate the process of returning a gift. If this perfectly describes him, grab a Gift Card. We know it isn’t as exciting for you to watch him open it, but we promise, he’ll absolutely love it.

And that's a wrap! Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. Come and see us soon!