May 7th: Drew Chicone Fly Tying

May 7th: Drew Chicone Fly Tying

May 4th 2022

Renowned angler and fly tyer Drew Chicone will be at Gordy & Sons Outfitters on Saturday, May 7th for a day of fly tying, casting, fishing tip / tricks and book signing. 

Drew has carved out his place in fly fishing lore by traveling the world and figuring out through trial and error exactly what works and what doesn't.

Drew has written several books on species-specific fly patterns and tying and has sent customers to every corner of the planet with his flies. He's widely respected as one of the best fly tyers on the planet, and he's a pretty dang good fisherman too.

Stop by next Saturday and visit with Dr. Drew. He'll be doing tying demonstrations, talking fly fishing travel and giving away plenty of good tips and tricks on how to catch more fish. He'll also be signing books (we have a bunch for sale!).