Nov. 12:  Meet the Maker: David McKay Brown

Nov. 12: Meet the Maker: David McKay Brown

Posted by B. Boyette on Jan 10th 2023

~ Meet the Maker: David McKay Brown ~

Thursday, January 12 @ Gordy & Sons
3pm - 8pm

Join us in welcoming Grant Buchan of David McKay Brown for an in-store visit at Gordy & Sons. Based in Scotland, McKay Brown is well known for their round action shotguns and rifles.

Grant Buchan, Managing Director of DMB, will be in store from 3pm to 8pm. He'll have a few guns in tow for display and will be talking gun building, design and engraving all day. We'll have drinks and small bites at 6pm.

The DMB over-under is built on a trigger plate and available in both single and double triggers, with both straight grip and Scottish pistol grips. Engravings, barrels, rib style and chokes are all completely customizable.

Their side by side trigger plate is as slick as they come. The design eliminates sharp, square edges and allows for a small, graceful body that is suitably light but strong.

Aside from the outstanding mechanics within each firearm, David McKay Brown guns feature some of the finest engravings in the world. Even to the untrained eye, each finished DMB best gun is a thing to behold.

We'll let Grant talk McKay Brown history and how his passion for firearms landed him at the helm of Scotland's premier gun maker. We'll end with a Q&A so you can pick Grant's ear on anything else you might have questions about.

Mark this one down on your calendars! It will be a fun one.