Nov 21: The Adams Cup 2021 Memorial Shoot

Nov 21: The Adams Cup 2021 Memorial Shoot

Posted by B. Boyette on Nov 18th 2021

Date: 11.21.21

Location: American Shooting Centers

The Adams Cup honors one of the sport's true legends, the late Cyril Adams. Mr. Adams was a lifelong shooter, and had a particular fondness for live pigeon trap shooting. He literally wrote the book on English shotguns with the publication of Lock, Stock, and Barrell: Making an English Shotgun and Shooting with Consistency, which he co-authored with his friend Robert Braden.

The Adams Cup Memorial Shoot is a celebration of Cyril Adams and his love for shooting, especially vintage side by side shotguns. As a nod to Mr. Adams, all participants are required to shoot a side by side shotgun with a maximum 1 ounce, 7.5 shot.

The shoot begins at 9am and the last shot is at 3pm. Shootoffs will begin directly after the last scorecard is submitted, and then the trophy ceremony will follow shortly after a toast at 4pm. A single shooter's entry is $175 and includes all targets, refreshments, lunch, cocktails, and appetizers post-shoot. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

For more information, follow the link in our Bio to check out the official website of The Adams Cup Memorial Shoot. We hope to see you there!