Sept. 6: OtoPro Technologies Custom Ear Molds

Sept. 6: OtoPro Technologies Custom Ear Molds

Posted by B. Boyette on Aug 30th 2022

Swing by Gordy & Sons Outfitters to check out OtoPro Technologies hearing and shooting solutions with Dr. Grace Sturdivant.

Dr. Grace will be in store from 10am - 6pm on Tuesday, Sept. 6th. She'll be providing complimentary earmold impressions for custom hearing protection with OtoPro.

If you've never had custom fit ear molds, stop in to find out why so many shooters choose to go the custom route. You'll be able to concentrate on every shot you take if you're not fighting traditional, ill-fitting forms of hearing protection; ideal fit and comfort are imperative in the field.

The custom impressions are complimentary for this event, so you'll save time and money versus scheduling an appointment with a medical clinic. OtoPro will have several hearing protection options ranging from $200-$1500.

We'll see you on the 6th!