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Mesh Gear Tote Large

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There are plenty of totes out there. And most of them are decent at getting your gear to your destination. But we hadn’t found one that was good at getting all that gear back home, covered in mud or drenched in saltwater. So, we designed a new kind of tote – one that’s built for adventure, from start to finish.

To create the perfect bag, we had to develop the perfect mesh material. The ultimate combo of durability and breathability, our breathable mesh provides the rugged structure you need to haul unwieldy loads, while offering unrivaled airflow. That means your damp towel won’t smell like a wet dog the next day. And when your adventure’s over, cleaning the bag is as easy as hosing it off. From blinds and boats to beaches and backyard swims, this tote will get you there and back, every time.

Dimensions: 21 in x 15 in x 17 in

Perfect for: (1) Pair of Waders, Decoys, Jacket, Lunch Box, Coffee Jug, Boots


• Heavy-duty, water-resistant mesh

• 38mm webbing for durability and easy cleaning

• Padded, over-engineered handles

• Zipped stash pockets for safety

Fabric Technology:

•Mesh: 100% polyester

•Webbing: 100% Polypropylene

•Lining Fabric: 100% Nylon with PU coating

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  • Weight 1.0